Essential Estate Planning Information

Who should have an estate plan? If you are over the age of 18 & own anything (even Superannuation) – you should have an Estate Plan. If you have children, or own your own business, it's absolutely essential that you have a plan for what happens when you pass away How can we help? [...]

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

It is important to have appropriate estate planning documentation in place to ensure that your estate planning objectives are achieved when you pass away or lose capacity to take care of yourself. These are common Estate Planning Mistakes that our clients make... Thinking that testamentary trusts are only for complex situations or high net [...]

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Common Mistakes when Nominating a Financial Controller

While there are only a few legal rules regulating who can be nominated as a financial controller under an estate plan (i.e. executor, trustee, attorney), there are some common sense principles which can make or break the effectiveness of an estate plan. These are the top 10 mistakes people make when nominating their financial [...]

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