Do you have a good work-life balance?

If you answered NO, it really is time to sort it out.  Not after this project or next month or next year.  You need to do it now.  Because Life is Short. Because your kids are only kids once. Because you matter.  And work – trust me – will always be there.

A good place to start with attaining work-life balance is to have some time away from work.  Go on a HOLIDAY!!! Crazy thought in our Current COVID Climate, this is true, but achievable if you go local.  Australia is big.  Each state is big and (restrictions or not) there are loads of great hide-aways.  The simple act of booking a holiday is therapeutic in itself.

Because our bodies & minds need proper breaks from the workplace.

Here are some other benefits to getting away from work:

  1. Taking time away from work can refresh and reboot our mentality and allow us to approach tasks and problems with a different mindset;
  2. There are Positive effects have both on physical and mental health:
  • Improved physical health & energy levels
  • Reduced stress levels to enhance moods
  • Spending time with our loved ones can keep relationships strong
  • Employees who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, making them more productive
  • Boost our ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas with more motivation to achieve our goals

Combine all of the above and the end result is improved life satisfaction and a greater work-life balance.