About Clinton Bothma

Clinton Bothma is the Legal Practitioner Director and founder of CMB Lawyers. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1995. Clinton is an admitted Solicitor of the Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia. He started CMB Lawyers in 2018 with the goal of providing high quality Big Law to the everyday person. An expert in Commercial and Property Law, Clinton has over 20 years experience as a lawyer, spanning two continents and four major cities. He knows business and he understands what businesses need. His commercial advice is specialised, his agreements beautiful, sophisticated. Having worked with large corporations, SMEs, franchises, and start-ups, advising on a diverse range of complex matters, Clinton uses a practical and business-focused approach to both achieve a client’s goals and to protect their interests. He has a passion for Beautiful Law.

What is a Letter of Demand?

A Letter of Demand comes to play where an agreement has been entered into and a breach of the agreement has occurred. When all negotiations to settle the breach have failed to have any effect, a Letter of Demand – sent to the defaulting party – is often considered to be a final reminder [...]

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

It is important to have appropriate estate planning documentation in place to ensure that your estate planning objectives are achieved when you pass away or lose capacity to take care of yourself. These are common Estate Planning Mistakes that our clients make... Thinking that testamentary trusts are only for complex situations or high net [...]

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Common Mistakes when Nominating a Financial Controller

While there are only a few legal rules regulating who can be nominated as a financial controller under an estate plan (i.e. executor, trustee, attorney), there are some common sense principles which can make or break the effectiveness of an estate plan. These are the top 10 mistakes people make when nominating their financial [...]

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Asset Protection

What asset protection is available for real estate investors? Investing in real estate can pose risks that might result in legal proceedings. Asset protection for real estate investors can be achieved by implementing the following protections: Insurance: Having an insurance policy in place on a property can help protect it against risks and is [...]

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Asset Protection for Property Investors

What is Asset Protection? With insolvencies on the rise given the current Pandemic, the need for directors of companies and business owners to protect their assets is even more critical as they could be named in litigation proceedings along with their company. The aim of asset protection is to safeguard assets from legal, business [...]

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There will be insolvencies

“There will be insolvencies. There will be bankruptcies. There will be some businesses that will not recover. That's the harsh reality of an economic downturn that's the worst in 100 years,” – Reserve Bank Governor Phillip Lowe on a recent appearance before a parliamentary committee. What is insolvency? Legally, what is Insolvency? Insolvency occurs [...]

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How to Calculate Franchise Fees

As a prospective franchisor or franchisee, it's important that you understand how to calculate franchise fees. Each franchise is different and as such, while one franchisor may charge a fee, another might not. The way the franchising fee is calculated also varies. Read on to learn more. Franchisor vs. Franchisee The company that allows [...]

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Subleasing a Commercial Property Space

What is a commercial property sublease? Commercial property leases usually have a term of several years with options to extend the term. Subleasing or subletting is an arrangement where the head tenant or head lessee may further let out the property or portion of commercial property to a third party known as the subtenant [...]

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Signing a Commercial Lease

What is a commercial lease? A commercial lease is a legally binding agreement entered into between a landlord and a business tenant for the rental of property. It sets out the rights and obligations of the owner of a commercial property (landlord or lessor) and a third party that has agreed to occupy the [...]

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