What is a Letter of Demand?

A Letter of Demand comes to play where an agreement has been entered into and a breach of the agreement has occurred. When all negotiations to settle the breach have failed to have any effect, a Letter of Demand – sent to the defaulting party – is often considered to be a final reminder [...]

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Berthing Boats in Brisbane

Did you know that Brisbane waterways are owned by the Port of Brisbane? The Mariner where boats are berthed/moored are managed by body corporate/strata managers, who sub-lease their spaces from the Port of Brisbane. Any berthing disputes on behalf of the owner of the boat, answer to the body corporate, as they sub-lease from [...]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling in a Legal Document

What's in a Name?  A lot, legally! Avoid these common mistakes on legal contracts... When entering into a contract or completing any other legal document, it is important to ensure that the parties names are spelt correctly and are identical to their identification documents such as a driver’s licence, passport or birth certificate. We [...]

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