How can CMB Lawyers help you with trademarks?

At CMB Lawyers, we can help you discover what unregistered trademarks you may have within your business. We can also help you apply for registration – not only within Australia but anywhere around the world. Our team of lawyers can help you enforce your rights against anyone who has breached your trademark.

Alternatively, we can also help you if you have been accused of breaching someone else’s trademark.

At CMB Lawyers, we have experience in all things Trademark.  We provide expert advice on:

  • Trademark Renewal;
  • Trademark Monitoring;
  • Trademark Opposition;
  • Trademark Litigation;
  • Trademark Registration;
  • Trademark Portfolio Management;
  • Trademark Licensing and Assignment;
  • International Trademark Registrations; and
  • Trademark Searching and Clearance.


What is a trademark?

A trademark is a distinguishing symbol or sign that a person or company uses in association with their goods or services. It may include a name, symbol, slogan, or logo. As these are distinctive indicators for a business, trademarks are an important asset to have to prevent other people or businesses from copying you.

What will registering a trademark do for your business?

Registering your trademark ensures that you are the only person or company that can use it to identify your goods or services. Trademark protection is there to stop unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, using similar unique signs to market a substandard product or service. In Australia, you can register a trademark under the Trademarks Act 1995 (Cth). In this way, you are protecting your trademark by using the law to encourage other businesses to refrain from copying without your permission.

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